Partners and Members

The membership of HSTAC includes Mohawk College, CSTEC, and several manufacturing employers from the Hamilton Region. The Council meets at least three times each year to discuss training issues, which can include the promotion of skilled trades as a respected career/profession thereby increasing enrollment in apprenticeship programs, increasing apprenticeship completion rates, encouraging employer commitment to develop skilled trade programs and strengthening partnerships with other related organizations.

HSTAC provides many supports to manufacturing employers in the Hamilton:

  • Provide apprenticeship support to HR departments
  • Providing wage subsidies to hire new graduates
  • Arranging co-op placements and internships with community colleges
  • Providing direct assistance with start up and the administration of apprenticeship programs e.g. Contracts, forms, training schedules, monitoring
  • Providing information on how to apply for tax credits and subsidies
  • Providing mentoring skill development and support